If you suffer from muscle pain due to repetitive motion at work or discomfort from an injury, you know it’s no joke. When you’re dealing with pain in one or more of your muscles, it can run deep, slowing you down and seriously limiting your range of motion. In fact, muscle pain, also known as myofascial pain, can significantly impact your quality of life if left untreated.

One of the ways our chiropractic and physical therapy team at Twin Cities Chiropractic Physical Therapy works to combat muscle pain is through the use of myofascial release. Read on to learn how myofascial release can help relieve your pain.

Myofascial Restrictions

Myofascial restrictions occur when the natural gliding and sliding of your body’s connective tissue becomes restricted. This can be caused by a number of conditions. One of the most common causes of myofascial restriction is trauma from an injury. Surgery can also lead to myofascial problems.

But many patients do not realize that inflammation can also cause restrictions in the fascia, creating pressure, limiting your range of motion, and causing significant pain. Due to the connective fascial network, you can even experience pain far away from the original site of the myofascial restriction.

Here are a few common pain sites and problems from myofascial restrictions:

●        Headaches

●        Plantar Fasciitis

●        Back pain

●        Joint pain

●        Restricted blood flow

●        Swelling

How Myofascial Release Works

Your body’s fascia is a type of connective tissue that runs throughout every part of your physiology. It forms a connective network throughout your body that works to promote movement and to prevent injury. Your fascia connects to your muscle tissue and surrounds tissue throughout your body.

When there’s a restriction in this important connective tissue, it can create pain throughout your muscle tissue. Myofascial release uses compression and releases to improve mobility and hydration within your muscle fascia.

Twin Cities Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release

If you’re tired of the restricted range of motion from problems due to surgery, an injury, or another trauma, our professional team of chiropractic physical therapists can help. Whether you’re having problems with chronic pain or you’re just tired of feeling stiff all the time; the team at Twin Cities Chiropractic Physical Therapy can give you back your life. Our physical therapists love helping our patients feel better.

We offer myofascial release, deep tissue massage; and complete physical therapy services to get you back on track and feeling like yourself again. Call us over at 651-224-1921, or contact us to learn more.

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