Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy


When we experience muscle tension, soreness or restricted range of motion as a result of physical injury, repetitively stressful actions or other factors, therapeutic massage is a mechanism that can provide pain relief and accelerate the healing of compromised tissue. Customized to meet every person’s individual needs and preferences, massage is a perfect complement to and a natural extension of chiropractic adjustments.

The benefits of deep tissue massage are far-reaching. At face value, reduction of muscle tension, cramping, and pain are immediately evident. Along with this comes an improvement in circulation, increased muscular flexibility and enhanced range of motion, translating into greater balance, better sleep, and a healthier body.

Not all maladies necessarily result from physical injury. Lack of proper relaxation, stress, poor diet and bad posture can all contribute to chronic pain and musculoskeletal fatigue. When added to the tensions of everyday life, even the most minor mishaps can amount to great discomfort. Gentle, sustained and precisely targeted pressures on affected connective tissues help reduce swelling, speed up recovery and improve performance.

From the tennis swing that went too far to the fender-bender at the mall; from countless hours slumped in your office chair to having lifted that box of books the wrong way – our therapeutic massage services can have you back in the game sooner, help you avoid an extended pharmaceutical regimen and restore the fundamental physical functionality we depend on every day.

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