Workplace Injury Treatment

Workplace Injury Treatment

Work itself is hard enough. But what happens if you’re injured on the job?

Work accidents, also commonly referred to as workplace injuries or occupational injuries; vary in severity from minor cuts and scrapes to more significant bodily harm that can manifest lingering consequences for some length of time. Many of us will experience some sort of workplace injuries – there are around three million documented cases every year in the U.S.

We help those who have suffered traumatic events at work, including slips, trips or falls. Back disorders can develop gradually as a result of microtrauma brought about by repetitive activity over time. Because the onset and progression of such injury are typically slow; the condition is often ignored until the symptoms become pronounced. Improper lifting techniques, poor posture and lack of physical endurance are often contributing factors. Musculoskeletal support injuries can arise in muscle tissue, ligaments, vertebrae, and discs, either singly or in combination.

With personalized treatment, massage and physical therapy designed to address each individual condition, we are confident that relief and recovery are within reach. Contact us today for a free consultation and together we’ll work towards a pain-free, productive future.

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