If you sustained a personal injury or were in a car accident, the last worry you want on your mind is what’s going to happen at the physical therapist’s office, especially considering you probably have so much else on your mind. At Twin Cities Chiropractic, serving St. Paul, Minnesota and the surrounding area, we offer physical therapy in the local area. When you come into our office for your first appointment, you’ll receive a very basic procedure, and you truly have nothing to worry about.

Medical History Review

Whether you receive a referral from a doctor or you decide to visit us on your own, we need to acquire a thorough medical history. We ask you questions pertaining to your medical history and family history. We inquire about any medications you take. In addition to speaking with you, we review any information your previous physician sends us so we can tailor a physical therapy plan for your specific needs.


You can expect to have your vital signs evaluated because if we notice any abnormalities, we will determine which treatments aren’t safe for you. Our Twin Cities chiropractor will examine your injury and possibly have you move the injured area to see your range of motion. Depending on the injury, our physical therapy chiropractor may have you walk or move in certain ways to examine the area for flexion, function, strength, and possibly balance.

Creating a Plan and Setting Goals

At your first visit, our physical therapy chiropractor estimates how well the injury will heal. Then, a specialized program is devised to help you reach this goal. Although our Twin Cities chiropractor may need to adjust this plan as you go along based on your progress, this gives you a general idea.

Starting Your Physical Therapy

Because it’s your first physical therapy session, you probably won’t have much time for the actual therapy, although our physical therapy chiropractor does try to guide you through some simple exercises to give you a taste of what to expect in the future. Each exercise our Twin cities chiropractor guides you through is meant to increase function, flexion, and strength in the area. Physical therapy also will promote healing and reduce pain.

In many cases, we pair a physical therapy program with chiropractic treatments to optimize your results. We discuss all of this with you at your first appointment, so you play an active role in your physical therapy.

Schedule your first physical therapy appointment with Twin Cities Chiropractic, serving St. Paul, Minneapolis, and the surrounding Minnesota region, by calling 651-244-1921 today.

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