One of the most common reasons patients visit Twin Cities Chiropractic is for neck pain, and neck pain is particularly a problem after a neck injury has occurred. For many patients, regular chiropractic massage helps relieve the pain that comes with a neck injury. Here’s a closer look at chiropractic neck massage as a treatment for neck injuries.

The Goal of Neck Massage

The goal of massage as a neck injury treatment is to help increase blood flow to the area while stimulating the muscle tissue in the area. This results in faster elimination of waste products from the muscle and increases oxygen flow to the muscles. Along with other types of chiropractic treatment, massage has the ability to reduce healing times and relieve pain.

Types of Massage for Neck Injuries

Multiple types of massage have been proven to offer benefits for neck pain and injuries, and in many cases, experience therapists will use a combination of techniques to treat patients. Some types of massage that may prove beneficial include:

    • Deep Tissue Massage – Deep tissue massage focuses on relieving tension deep in the connective tissues and muscles. The pressure is harder and more intense than the pressure used in other types of massage, focusing on releasing scar tissue that may be causing pain.
    • Shiatsu – This form of Japanese massage involves using bodyweight to slowly press on acupressure points, readjusting the energy flow within the body.
    • Swedish Massage – Swedish massage is a very broad term describing various massage techniques designed to relieve tension by applying pressure to the surface of the patient’s muscles. It helps to reduce tension and stress that can make neck pain worse.
    • Trigger Point Therapy – This technique makes use of steady pressure to promote blood flow to the neck and release muscle spasms in the area to speed up healing.

Massage and Neck Injury Recovery

The recovery time varies for patients with neck injuries, and recovery time for neck injuries can vary depending on the specific injury, overall health, previous injuries, and age. In some cases, multiple massage sessions are needed to provide relief, and other treatments may need to be used in conjunction with massage to achieve recovery.

The combination of chiropractic treatment and massage therapy can be a powerful treatment plan for patients with neck injuries. If you’re dealing with pain or injury to the neck, talk to the therapists at Twin Cities Chiropractic to find out if massage is a good choice for your needs.

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